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Buying equipment from us


All pricing are in euro and excl dutch 21% VAT, if you can provide us a tax id number it will be a netto price.


Shipping price is also not include and we need to calculate it for you.

All our shipping will be done by 

We are depend on our suppliers for the time of shipment.


On all the items we give a 48 hours warranty for after receiving goods.

When a items still have factory warranty all the warranty will be going true the dealer of the country you are locate.


All products need to be 100% pre payed after receiving of the payment we go over on shipping the gear to you.

Buying equipment from you.

-We agree on pricing and agreement is binding

-Payment will be done before we collect shipment

-When confirming delivery date you are obliged to deliver any damage due to non-compliance will be charged to you

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